Sean Sherk " UFC Should Be Embarrased About Fighter Pay "

Former UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk says the UFC should be “extremely embarrassed” about fighter pay, suggesting a union is important.

Sherk was one of the top fighters in MMA from 1999 to 2010, racking up a 36-4-1 record in the sport during that time period, including a win over Kenny Florian at UFC 64 in 2006 that saw Sherk claim the vacant UFC lightweight title. “The Muscle Shark” has been retired ever since an upset win over Evan Dunham in 2010 and he is now 47 years old, but he keeps up to date with what’s going on with the UFC and he’s not happy with the climate.

Sean Sherk should be extremely embarrassed by how he lost to GSP and tried to be a bad ass making fun of Georges after with Hughes because it’s all he could do.

" Sean Sherk Yer Dead "

This has what exactly to do with fighter pay?

It’s boring hearing a constant stream of people and ex-fighters complain about other peoples’ pay.

Sean Sherk knows exactly how much Sean Sherk made. He doesn’t know what Askren made, what Woodley made, and he doesn’t know what they’re really making from YouTube fights nor what ‘multiple’ of their UFC pay that is.

It’s a bunch of pissing in the wind and everyone has piss all over themselves right now.

If Conor fights a YouTuber because it’s an easy payday does he suddenly become underpaid as well? Taking an opportunity presented to you for money doesn’t mean you were poor before that.

I have money issues too. People in other countries with my exact job at my exact company make far more because that’s how it works there. This is not a situation unique to fighters.

It’s getting old. We all have our work problems.


I admit it is very boring to hear fans and fighters constantly pissing and morning about fighter pay… zzzzzzz

You aren’t the product. You are not top 1% of 1% of anything you do in life. Just sayin.

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I didn’t realize you’re using text-to-speech. If you can turn it off, I suggest you do. I also suggest you don’t click on threads with “boring” titles and reply. Just a thought.


Are you speaking English? Speak English.

What the fuck is a text to speech comment supposed to mean?

Find someone else to bother.

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You think you’re hilarious because I said “hear” instead of read?

Get a life lol

It is arguable that the entire UFC roster is top 1% of anything. The UFC is the Walmart of fighting. They push a lot of slop on us just to fill TV time. Do the top 10 deserve more? Sure, but these 4-0 debuting fighters from the middle of nowhere that are there just to be cannon fodder I would argue don’t.


Amazing post.

Thank you.

I did generalize, yes… but a former champion fits that description, I’d argue all day long.

yes, I wish the UFC would just do away from the win/loss payouts for starters. I do think the top 5-10 should be well compensated. The issue that I see though is that the UFC would do this by cutting half of the roster so that the top tier fighters absorb the increases. The UFC will do what it has to in order to meet their “margins” for the earnings reports especially now that their parent company went public.

According to some, fighters that are debuting in the ufc deserve $100k to show and a nice bonus if they win