Sean Sherk vs Jake Short April 30

Don't take it personal, jake. Sherk has a family and a life to support and fighting is how he's making his living.

I love it that Sherk, Chris Lytle, guys like that who fight anywhere and anyone. Those are real fighters that get all the respect in the world from me.




Is this the group that are allegedly affiliated with Don King? Can anyone clarify their current status with regards to this?

If my memory serves me correctly, their president is a guy called Dan Dease? I remember on MMA Weekly Radio he was saying that they were very close to a tv deal and would be able to pay more money to fighters than the UFC? (I may be wrong on a couple of these details and I could be thinking of the wrong people altogether).

Regardless, sounds like a good show. Hope it goes well!



If you have any questions about the ICc you can e-mail me at

Thanks Mike



Two more weeks!


good job reilly, riggs is a great addition. the fans will love the way he fights..

Darkfear - you are correct,Mr. Dease is the owner of ICC and has made comments about partnering up with Don King,Signing Mike Tyson to fight,beating up Forum members,etc,etc.

I think Dan does not post on the UG anymore,at least not under his old screen name.

Prob is best to let Reilly do the posting,dan got into alot of arguements here.

DF you may also know Dudley in the past he has done.....
What has he done? Of well I doubt it matter.

What does matter is we have a great show planned - the card looks great. This monthy has been a lot of fun - I have booked this show and the show in Rochester that runs the next night - Main Event Travis Wiuff vs Aaron Brink

It feels great bringing fighters and fans the shows they deserve

So whatever happened with the Don King thing? Was it bullshit? That Dease guy kept going on about the huge announcement.... is it coming soon?

why are you guys worried about that stuff, you guys have great cards, enjoy the fights. and thank the promoters and fighters afterwards....

Truth hurts

Jake .. Good luck in your fight with Sherk .

I don`t really think Sherk is being disrespectful but just staying busy and keeping in shape by fighting at the same time.

Oh yeah you need to get a green name since you are a fighter and you can`t but them.

Good card...


You are insulted? Get over yourself.

The guy does this for a living. He fight when it
makes sense for him to fight. Don't sit and judge
someone else's decisions and turn it into a "he don't
respect me" thing. That's B.S.

Just go out and fight.

TTT for the Muscle Shark by total domination.


Good luck Jake