Sean Sherk's Trash Talking=Irony

"His accomplishments at 155 consist of 10 boring ass rounds without finishing either of his two opponents, neither of which is probably even top 15-20 at 155"

do people still not consider Ken Florian as top 10? I used to be a doubter, but Florian is looking very good. I'd put him at Stevenson's level, for sure.

After Sherk/Penn, who's next in line for a title shot? IMO, Frank Edgar, and then there's a cluster with Griffin, Huerta, Florian, and slightly behind them now would be Stevenson, Tavares, Lauzon, Guida, Fisher, etc.

i'll take sherk in 5........

The irony is in the fact that he talked trash.
He should've been completely factual:

"I'm going to lay on you for more than 12.5 minutes of a 25 minute fight and get a decision...grrrr..."

*grrrr added to emphasize roid rage.

Good call. If that scenario played out like that, Sherk would be the FIRST FIGHTER EVER to have NOT accurately described the outcome of a fight BEFORE the fight happened... EVER.

it seems as if bj is already inside sherk's could see him getting all angered up just by looking at bj

"He won't be able to touch BJ with his T-Rex arms."

Weird, because he outboxed Diaz for 15 minutes and Diaz has way more reach than BJ.

"The guy is happy to hump out a 25 minute JD for a win every time, and that "win at all costs" mentality that guys like Tito, Sherk, Sylvia have is killing the UFC"

An excellent, well thought out, and relevant point made on the UG?  How is this possible?

"Sherk is the paper champ at 155"

Except that he's not. He's not the champion on paper, on paper he's the former champion. On paper BJ is the champion, and his title is no more and no less meaningful than Sherk's was.

Sherk was the paper champion.

Now BJ is the paper champion.

If they fight, we might get a real champion.

Still, Sherk saying that he doesn't respect someone that does not respect him (BJ), and that he thinks he is going to beat BJ, is in no sense ironic. If he said "BJ Penn can't finish fights and he is a cheater and I am going to show him how to end a fight violently when I submit him in the second round", then that would be ironic because it's the opposite of what you would expect someone like Sean Sherk to say. Sherk saying that he plans on beating his opponent, on the other hand, is exactly what anyone would expect Sean Sherk to say and therefore not at all ironic.

^The irony would be that Sherk has never laid a beating on anyone.

Hermes looked ready to go to church after that fight.

Sherk's already done... He doesn't know what he'll do w/out da juice.

"Hermes looked ready to go to church after that fight."

BJ looked ready to go to church after Hughes kneeled on his arm and punched him in the face 100 times, but I think it's safe to say he took a beating.

Am I missing the sarcasm from "the 'win at all costs' mentality is killing the UFC? I think you want ADCC. Hmmm,wonder why they don't show that on TV?

Even though his fights are rather boring I WAS amazed by the cardio he had shown. However, after learning that he used some type of illegal substance to help him get that way, not so much.

Now he has given me more reasons to think less of him. Its one thing to get caught cheating but pulling a Bonds,Palmiero or Clemens is not the way to go. Own up, move on. Ask Giambi, Pettite or the majority of people caught. Add on this lame attempt at trash talking; sure your boxing skills will do in BJ. You have to at least believe your own words.

For the good of the sport lets hope Sherk isn't able to run away for the first 3 rounds cause sure as shit BJ WILL gas and Sherk WILL L'n'P for a dec.

Orcus, bj was actually finished in the fight.The fact that his face didn'y show any wear is more a testament to bj's tough skin than anything. Franca took very little punishment in that fight, because sherk did little more than roll around on top of him.

BJ wont gas

I cant wait to see Sherks face when he realizes BJ is out wrestling him