Search engine censorship ends today!

Courtesy of the free market competition with the Brave browser team

Now you can control what is weighted in your searches. Left wing, right wing, no Pinterest and so on, you can even make your own “goggles” and choose what your priorities in your searches.
As seen on Joe Rohan and Lex Friedman




You can tailor your searches for important research purposes like this!

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Try searching Hillary clinton with left leaning goggles, then right leaning goggles.

Or gay frogs

Or podesta pizza party

I want pink pussy for rent and a brown choco ass meat platter

I created an MMA search that only tees up results from these sites.

! name: MMA Search
! description: Rerank results to boost content related mixed martial arts
! public: true
! author: Argo
! avatar: #000000

! Remove results not matching any other rule

! Boost some results

Here’s a search on Charles Oliveira

I’ll be upgrading this as time goes on :fire:

Here’s a search on Paige Vanzant lolol

dr steve GIF