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used one of these submit services a few weeks ago to submit my site to a bunch of search engines. worked great. went from ranked like a 100 to being first page for a while. how often is too much to submit? i heard if you do it too often they will remove yuor listing all together.

site was

there is probably better ones but it is the first one i found

Where are you getting the ranking from?

search engines

If you got listed a few weeks ago then no you shouldn't do it again now. There is probably a reason you aren't getting higher rankings. Here's some basic tips for SEO:

thanks dude....i figured as much....I am still working on my optimization. The site I went to had the tips too and a meta tag generator. I just want to overdue it as the site offered me 2 submissions for the 1 price.

Just out of curiousity, is the domain where your flag image is hosted ( the same as the website in questions?

no...thats a company I used to work for a few years ago...i forgot i put that pic on their

ah, ok... I will withold my redesign proposal then :-)