search function doesn't work

Why is it that every other day the search functionality that I pay for as a pro member does not work?????? It only provides results from 2005.

I search for "Franklin" and it shows me the "Lost Art of Footwork" from 2005. I go to the help/contact us and there is no way to contact us. I'm an IT exec and I have to say that this is embarrassing. I could hire any high school student to do this correctly.

Also I noticed that some forums such as the Food and Wine ground are not searchable at all. Very disappointing.

It is not consistent. I can search for the same thing one day and get the correct results and then the next day I get 2005 results.

Does anybody know where the "contact us" is that really contacts us?


thank you!!!!

It is happening again. Searches are not being sorted by date. This has been randomly going on for months now. Can somebody please fix this.

not trying to complain, but it still does not work.

example: I search for "Gurgel" in the underground forum and the first result is:

"5-0 for Team Jorge Gurgel @ KOTC!" from 10/24/2004

Thanks for working on this!