Season starts tonight!

 Well, at least the WIngs season starts tonight.  Its the only season that matters, IMO.

RIP leaves.


Yea I cannot wait!! Going to be a great year I think anything can happen at least in the playoffs.

lol Mark, thanks for the jinx ;)

Go Wings! LMAO!

What a beating from the laffs.

This is about as close as we ever get to a Stanley Cup, but it's a good morning!

Suddenly Mark is happy WC17 isn't around.

 lol @ the Hockeyground jinx.

Never fails.


"Hockeytown" may finally pay the price for having too many Europeans on the roster this year.

Yeah, all these europeans have really held the fanchise back, huh?


Just fan support from within Canada, I think.

Plenty of Canadians used to cheer on the Wings. I think that support is dwindling.