Seasons suprises/disappointments


  • Utah

  • Carlos Arroyo

  • Seattle Supersonics with Ray Allen injured

  • Van Gundy's impact on Houston

  • Vince not injured, yet

  • Baron Davis
  • Disappointments

    • T-Mac

    • The Nets

    • Phoenix Suns

    • Zo's Retirement

    Feel free to add your own

    good surprises:

    carlos arroyo and the jazz

    baron davis

    chris bosh

    ronald murray (look at his stats from previous years) and the sonics

    van gundy and the rockets

    bad surprises:

    t-mac and the magic

    no mo' zo

    doc rivers gone (!)

    eddie griffen

    the only real disappointment i have is that dirk isn't getting the touches he should

    murray on seattle...where the hell did he come from?
    gotta add zach randolf from portland on the surprise list.

    Why is TMAC a dissappointment?

    Carlos Arroyo hasn't surprised me at all. lol, why do you have him listed as a surprised and a disappointment??

    Floppy, Last year Arroyo averaged 2.8pts, this year 15.5pts.

    HEMAN - I am just bitter toward TMAC. He's been hurting my fantasy team.

    lol, but you've got him listed as a surprise AND a disappointment. What's that all about??

    Shit, I copied & paste to save time. Fixed.

    lol!! Cool, that one had me wondering. :)

    Jan. 1st, 2004.Suprises:

  • Denver's winning

  • Spurs win streak

  • This rookie class

  • Vince not injured, yet

  • low scoring games
  • Disappointments

    • The Atlantic division

    • The Nets

    • Phoenix Suns

    • Eddie Griffin

    • Darko Milicic