SEATTLE foodgrounders?

Sound off!

whats up with seattle and all of the teriyaki joints?

Eastside foodie here

favorite joints for the $$
Flo (Sushi)
Mediteranian Kitchen

Leroy, I actually often go to "Orexi's" which is right next to the Med Kitchen. Haven't been to the Mediterranean Kitchen itself though.

Another fav place of mine on the eastside is the Celtic Bayou. Great stuff!

Pony up the $$$ and try the tasting menus at Chez Shea.

Mashinko in West Seattle has the best chirashi deal eva

Hmm, I'll look into Chez date coming up & she could use a good feeding.

Let's open this up for the Breakfast conversation. What are the best saturday/sunday morning breakfast spots?

Peso's has a pretty good breakfast menu. 5-Spot for the changing, but always good hangover breakfast.

Those are my contributions, what say you?

I second 5-spot

Where is 5-Spot? Downtown? Capitol Hill?

There was a dinner restaurant on Capitol Hill that I wanted to try, but now I can never eat there since they fired one of my best friends. :-(