Seattle Indepenent Films?

I just moved to seattle but have been on for about five years. today was the first day i even knew we had a filmmakerground.

Is anybody interested in making independent films in the seattle area? I'd like to put together a team of serious wannabee filmakers to start pumping out some high quality independent films.

I have no experience in the industry but will gladly work for free on anybody else's projects.

I've written one short film and have 3 features in the oven, i know my writing is brilliant, just looking for some like minded people to get started with. this is the first step i've taken and have been fightng mma, off and on professionally for the last 5 years. I'm still too stubborn to retire from it, but will in two years, might as well be a hollywood guru by then

email me at
to support my assault on hollywood's not true that i have zero experience. i helped friends of mine make short films in Canada. I just never really got serious with it while living there, because i dont see a big future for filmmakers in canada. maybe it sounds negative but truth is you get more for your effort down in the USA. i'd rather be eventually known as a great film mkaer that came from canada, than a great candaian film maker, there is a huge difference.



What library in Seattle did you borrow the books mentioned in the other thread, from? Shit, I couldn't find those books, you must have beaten me to it.

Isn't Vancouver, Canada considered the Hollywood of the north?

Dosequis, you need to get on the king county library system. i get mine in bellevue. they seem to have more books then the seattle system.

Vancouver and Toronto do make a lot of films, but they are american productions and all the serious casting is done in L.A. candians get the bit parts and the background, i think i played a fire hydrant in lord of the rings for $6 dollars a day.

the usa is still where it is at for movies, are you an aspiring auter as well? send me an email at to tell me more info.