Seattle Tournament

 I have a match against James Foster Tomorrow morning at the Revolution Tournament. 

This is a Gi match and I am really looking forward to it. 

This is my first match since Gastric Bypass surgery last april. I am down 150+ pounds and this is a whole new game for me. 

Best of Health and Safety to both James and Myself for tomorrow.


 I was tapped out twice by James in two matches. Lapel choke both times. 

I was owned. 

I have a long road back before I can step on the mat with someone of his caliber again. 

Would have liked the chance to do some no-gi, but no advanced guys were in the tournament. 

Thanks for giving me the matches James. Your a very classy guy, and a great grappler.

Tackle. Props to you for competing. I've had the honor of attending James's school. He is a beast on the mats.

yeah, good job for competing, it was a fun event, lots of exciting matches.

it was at bonney lake, "the Revolution" put on by Liberty Events and Promotions (

Thanks for the kind words, it was an honor competing with you. It was very nice to be able to compete in a local event instead of having to fly to another state to compete with someone in my division :)

I hope to see our division continue to grow in the future. Take care and thanks again!


James is a hella cool guy!
God bless him and his family!


Thank you!