Second Moderna shot knocked me in my ass

My second is in two weeks. No issues with the first

I like how he asked a completely loaded question but you had a legitimate answer anyway lol.

Sounds like you’ve already been using her tampons.

I got both Pfizer shots and didn’t have any side effects. Seems to be very hit or miss.

My wife got hers last week and got really bad sides. Her armpit swelled up and was in pain she was crying. She took some Advil so she could sleep. She also had a fever and chills.

My sister in law has the same reaction to the second shot, mainly aches and severe chills where she spent most of the night shivering.

I had my first shot Friday morning. By the evening I was pretty fatigued. I ended up sleeping about 30 hours over the next two days. I couldn’t stay awake to save my life. Then I woke up yesterday and felt completely fine.

I’m definitely going to get 2 to be safe. JOHNSON then a JOHNSON

Vaxtard crybaby stories make my day. Keep going

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yesterday i had the low grade fever. no headache or any other issue. today, woke up feeling normal. until i noticed the armpit swelling. was just a little tender. it’s almost gone now. Hadn’t heard about the armpit lymph nodes, but i read up on it, and it’s something like 10-20% with moderna no. 2.

im not sure who you’re talking about. My purpose in giving updates is to help people compile a possible timeline and list of symptoms.

my summary:

day 1: shot at noon. went to bed at midnight still not having experienced any symptoms.
day 2: woke up feeling a bit tired. low grade fever from 99.9 to 100.9 throughout the day. A little sore. A little tired. no headache. In days past, I would have gone to work, especially having not anticipated it prior. No loss of appetite. Went to bed at 10 feeling pretty decent.
day 3: woke up with the swollen lymph node in armpit of injection arm. visible swelling. just a little tender. didn’t really change my day. Almost completely gone by the evening.

another note: I am a runner, and I have noticed quicker fatigue both today and yesterday. I keep track of heart rate, and it has been around 15 beats higher at work. This is not something i notice during periods of inactivity, though the resting heart rate on my garmin has been 15 to 20 high for past two days.

sorry bout that Dad. xoxoxox. hang in there.

I got my second PFI shot and nothing. The 1st shot , I doubted I even got a shot. thought she might have faked and sold the dose to a friend. LOL.

I like hearing vaxtards like you cry about their symptoms after 1 vaccine. Now imagine getting 6 at one time

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i have no idea what you are talking about, but im certainly not crying.

Is OP dead? Last seen on the 31st. Someone tell EY!

Yeah I don’t think I was talking about you in the first place.