Secret Cafe (dining club)

So, last weekend my downstairs neighbor went to a meal @ Secret Cafe. Its an invite only private dining club run by some foodies. They hosted 35 people in thier backyard garden in Brooklyn and did a five course tasting menu with many seasonal/ local ingredients. They even had a sommellier selling wine (separate from the $25 entrance fee).

They did stuff with duck confit over polenta cakes, a crostini course, a ravioli and finished with a doughnut soup. sorry for the lack of details but i was a little bombed when i was hearing this.

With dinner, wine and tip he spent about $100 for 2 people and didnt really leave full. he said he could have eaten about 10-12 of the same size courses. A good experience but he wasnt sure he'd do it again unless he knew he'd really enjoy the menu.

Anyways, myself and the chef that lives in my building are gonna give this a shot. I move to a larger apt with a good sized backyard in about a month and we're looking at hosting and heirloom tomato "secret cafe" in late august/ september when i'm at the height of my harvest. Looking @ about 15 people, 6-7 courses. We're probably gonna go BYOB with the wine.

Hypothetically speaking, how much would you guys say something like that is worth (in the NYC area)?? not that i really wanna ask for anything..

yeah i dunno, i guess i might. depends how good of a month i have at work.

this guy that held it in brooklyn was def in it for a profit. he made 875 total before tips and i doubt he spent that on food.

oooh that sounds awesome...


This sounds fun as hell.

Zev, hit me up if you can, got a question for you..

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