Secret Service Meet With Volkmann 

UFC lightweight Jacob Volkmann decided following his win over Antonio McKee to declare he wanted to fight U.S. President Barack Obama for his next fight, and his words got him a visit from the Secret Service on Wednesday.

Volkmann, who his based out of Minnesota, told after his win over McKee that he wanted to face Obama because he disagreed with many of his policies.

Well, if anyone ever wondered if a potential threat against the President goes unnoticed, you just got your answer.

The Secret Service showed up at both his residence and during his youth wrestling camp to interview him about the potential threat made to the President. confirmed with training partner Nick Thompson, who spoke directly to Volkmann, that the Secret Service agents showed up and interviewed him regarding his remarks about President Obama following UFC 125.

The interview was a formal process due to any potential threat made against the President, and Wednesday’s investigation should be the close of Volkmann’s involvement with the situation.

Volkmann was successful in his fight at UFC 125, and almost mentioned a possible future fight against Clay Guida. It appears that one is much more likely than the Obama confrontation.

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