Secret to ur takdowns?

Hey royce, in my jujitsu class i cant seem to do a tackle type takedown. Whats ur secret to a succesfull take down?

when did Royce ever do a "successful" takedown? he more prone to jump to guard if want me to be honest with u. i dont believe he even practices takedowns.

Watch the first few UFCs, I've been watching 1-3 lately myself. A lot of times either he would put his hands high to bait the other guy into throwing punches and shoot under their punch. More often he'd use a front kick or side kick to the leg, if it lands great, if it doesn't he uses that forward momentum in place of a drop steep to shoot from.

Good luck.

Royce has some very cool takedowns. I saw one in UFC where he extended his arms and grabbed a guys upper leg, then swung around like a kid on a pole and threw the guy. I tried it in competition with a body lock, but it didn't work :/ hehe

Is supersaiyan drunk or something? Go rewatch Royce's UFC fights.

Yo super sayan you obviustly havent seen the first few ufc's. He was and is a great grappler when it comes to takedowns.

a lot of practice, take downs take a lot of practice so that you can set them up, its not the take down that is hard, its the setup.