See anything wrong with this?

My wife (no pics) showed me a facebook post from one of her friends (no pics) that discussed her battle with post partum depression...she recently had a baby and talked about how she was struggling...she used this picture.  My wife didn't pick up on it...maybe I have just been on the OG too long. 

Don't get involved with that shit, just support your wife.

Looks like a suicide joke Phone Post 3.0

That's because "coat hanger abortions" were highly publicized in the 80s and 90s- a scare tactic feminists used to keep abortions "safe and legal".

It also means you're older than her is because you remember and she doesn't.


I'm seeing a subtle clue to hang yourself?

Either you're thinking of "hang in there" is a poor choice of words or the coat hanger method of abortions. Ugh that's gross Phone Post 3.0

Yeah, the coat hanger thing on a post about post partum made me say "holy shit..." 

I am 100% certain that the woman that posted it didn't think of that connection (and yes, I'm older than my wife/this woman, so the reference might have been missed.) 

Just wanted to see how far gone I was, given that was my first thought when I saw the picture. 

If you ever lock your keys in your car in the abortion clinic's parking lot, do not go in and ask for a hanger.