Seeking Amateur MMA Opponent For 170lb Pro Boxer

Seeking an opponent for Marty Flynn at PA Cage Fight 2 on Friday, November 27, in Scranton, PA.  Flynn is a Professional Boxer transitioning into Amateur MMA.  He is 33, 5'10, 0-1.  Trains at Gracie NEPA in Scranton.

We can offer two nights hotel, food voucher post weigh-in, travel reimbursement for the right opponent and ticket concession.  Same day weigh-ins. 

All inquiries to


See the card here:

If he fought pro as a boxer then how is he allowed to fight as an amateur in MMA? In Ohio if they have pro boxing experience they HAVE to fight pro MMA.

This is PA.

Well aware of that Joseph but aren't they both governed by the ABC?

Regulations vary by state.

ok thanks. good to know.

Now also seeking an opponent for Dave Morgan, a Div III All American wrestler. He will fight from 125 to 135. He is 24, 5'2 and 1-0 in Amateur MMA. Thx.

Secured an opponent for Morgan.

Still seeking one for Flynn.