Sefo defeats Sapp at K-1 JP!

Sefo defeats Sapp at KO R2! This must be Sapp's last bout in K-1!

Amada vs. Hayashi in the finals!

Sapp was put in there as a figure, his size alone makes people think he is going to kill someone. I think he is just to big for K1. His size limits his kicking and he has to carry so much weight he will naturally tire easily. He would be good for 4 round Tough Man fights.

Sapp is slow and bulky. k-1 exposes every flaw he has. I can only guess the yen makes him stay instead of competing in Pride?

worst match up for him out of everybody left in K-1 that he hasn't fought. KO power? check. Footwork? Check. Great defense? Check.

People are too hard on Sapp. Most with his size, or anything close to it, dont' work as hard and thus haven't become the celebrity that he has. He's a tough bastard with more heart than 90% of the guys out there who get "he's got a lot of heart!!" from the announcers. The guy is about to have a heart attack everytime he fights and he keeps going. the onlyl time he's been really screwed up was from Bonjasky's toe nail catching his eye and Mirko shattering his eye socket. Hardly what I'd call a pussy.

Let's not forget that the guy beat Hoost twice, and it's not like Hoost never hit him in the face with a good shot. You gotta give the guy some credit.


He needs to be in MMA and not K-1.

He is not quick enough in K-1, they should make a superheavyweight division, then again you will see alot of fat guys try to fight in K-1.

yeah he fucked hoost up twice


Sapp got pummeled by Fujita a month ago, multiple soccer kicks to the head. If he keeps getting knocked out once a month he will get brain damage!

I respected Sapp after the Noguriera fight, but I have seen too many sad showings since with the (let's face it) cowardly, "owwwww, don't hit me no more!!!" look as he crumples to the ground. I wonder if the japanese fans still have any love for brother took a semester in Japan last year and he said that Sapp's image was everywhere. I wonder if this is still true?

The only reason Sapp gets to fight at all, in any venue, is because he is a big mofo.

His skill level is WAY below most of his competitors...if he weren't so large and powerful, he wouldn't even be a "B" level fighter. I'm surprised Mo Smith even associates himself with a fighter with such pathetic cardio.

Sapp should not fight anymore.

When you are making the "Make the bad man stop hitting me" face for over half of your fight, you are in the wrong business.

I don't dislike the guy, but it's pretty clear his heart isn't in fighting.

"The difference between Bob Sapp and me is that I have never given up in a fight"

Sefo did awesome - just waved his glove for Sapp to bring it on, took it, and then fucked him up.