Segregate the progressives and let us hardworking folks with functional brains live in peace


Same here exactly.


Screen name checks out

I’ve already tried integration, so I’d like to test out segregation & see how that is.


Why shouldn’t we split up? Our differences are irreconcilable.

You hate the principles that America was created on and you hate the people who founded the country. I think they created the most perfect form of government ever created. You elect people who promised to radically change or even overthrow the system.

I hate people like you, I don’t believe in anything you believe, I hate the people you elect to office and I hate how they and people like you have changed the country. You psychopaths, lunatics and morons hate me and people like me. You call us deplorables, racists, uneducated and think you are better and smarter than us.

We don’t share a common belief system with you and our values could not be more opposed.

Why should we be forced to live in the same country? It’s time for us to break up.


No thank you. I’m for the swift accountability of poor actions. With it the idea of segregation would be anathema to most. Minorities and white liberals can figure it out when they’re not propped up as incapable victims or white saviors. It just takes a culture fix.

This is the right answer. Our planet will see the greatest peace for the longest time if we realign our populations each decade. What is there to fight about in your streets when you all agree about the same thing? Don’t want to move? Then shut up. This region bans guns, or has carts blanche for guns, etc .

I think the world would be better off if the United States was the most conservative nation of English speaking nations, send your conservatives here and we’ll send our libs to you. Citizen swap. No desire to move? No need to protest. You’ve picked your poison.


You say say you don’t believe in anything I believe in, but you’re wrong on one thing (probably correct on much of the rest).

I think America is the greatest country ever. Our founders were imperfect, but pretty incredible. One of the best things they did was create room for change, they realized they were fallible, that the concept and idea of the US was to pursue a more perfect union, not to be one the moment it was created, thus, we’re allowed to challenge our government and fellow citizens to promote change and progress.Do you own property with a mortgage? If so, progressives changing the gov’t is why you own it, and why you can vote (most states only allowed landowners to vote in early America, and mortgages are a left invention. Slavery ended, labor laws instituted, suffrage expanded, etc. Do you like that your state can’t overrule the US Constitution and limit your free speech or gun rights? All of these are progressive ideas instituted as the country went along over the years, because our founders were forward thinking enough to grant us that ability in the Republic they gave us. So, wanting to change and better our gov’t is fundamental to the vision the founders had. That is their greatest legacy.

You hate my ‘my side’ for wanting to change the gov’t…and then your solution is to destroy the entire nation and separate it out so you can have your way without compromise? That’s pretty…ironic?

I (think I) don’t hate you. I’m fine with people having different beliefs from me, but they have to respect others with different beliefs, too. I’m sorry if you internalize sayings, but the self-oppression Olympics is weak. Hilary made a comment about a small subset of Trump supporters who are fucking deplorable, and Trump supporters took it and wore it like a badge of honor as if every remotely moderate or liberal person would spit on you if given the choice. That wasn’t remotely what was said, nor do most people think that.She was talking about the worst of his supporters who are openly misogynistic, racist, xenophobic, etc. Not all, or even most, Trump supporters fall into that bucket, but there were were some. If you fall into those buckets, than sure, you’re an asshole and I see why you probably feel targeted. If not, then I’m sorry you can’t separate yourself from those that support the people you support, but don’t carry all of your beliefs.

I don’t call ‘your side’ uneducated, your side (again) wore it like a badge of honor; do you not remember “I love the poorly educated!” Who said it? Not Bernie. Education level differences between left and right are factual. Now, I personally don’t think more education instantly makes one individual smarter or better, than an uneducated person, but I’d wager on the whole there is a pretty strong correlation. That’s why each person should be judged as an individual - you seem to disagree based on your broad statements - you ‘hate me and my beliefs…’ and you don’t even know what they are.You hate everything I believe in? I believe in free speech, I believe in the 2A, I believe in medical freedom, I believe in personal responsibility, I believe in capitalism, etc…so…are you an antigun, anti-free-speech, communist looking for gov’t handouts? Weird. Maybe you should leave the country.

I love America, and I take talk of separating it as open talk of treason. So, I think you’re unAmerican and can fuck right off to somewhere else if this isn’t the place for you. It’s clear breaking up or seceding from America is against our Constitution and an illegal act,so…who is anti-American in their statements in this thread?

I don’t hate you, but you’ve proven to be a stereotype of the hateful Right by hating me, hating anything I believe in, etc., so this isn’t worth much more attention, but let me leave you with a thought experiment. How do you break the country up? The majority of the population leans moderate or to the left. Even in the MOST conservative locations in the US 1/3 of the population voted against your beliefs. Even in ‘conservative strongholds’ like Texas, Florida, Ohio, etc., it’s still ~47% v 53% support. That’s a wash statistically, and I guarantee you a large number of that 53% doesn’t want to leave the US. So…how do you traitors separate out? Why should we give you any of our country just because you get your feelings hurt when people disagree with you? You take North and South Dakota, and Wyoming, we’ll keep the rest with real Americans.

Good luck out there, the current day world may not align well with what you value, but that doesn’t mean the world has to change to fit your needs; if so, that would sound very ‘snowflake-ish.’


Not into segregating races, but take all the Hood Nags and move them far away from civilization.


You know, not all black people live in the hood and are ghetto dindus. The OG is ridiculous.

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Some have been calling for segregation - I say let’s try it out for a few years and see what happens. It will be a fun experiment and let’s see which areas flourish and which don’t

Did you vote democrat since 2016? If so I hate you. The changes the founders wanted to be made to the government were very small. That’s why they made amendments so difficult to pass. The founders actually knew that the bankers and the media would take control of the country. They tried to warn us.

They believed that the average citizen should be outfitted and armed exactly the same as the average infantryman. Do you believe in that?

The educational system is a joke. Plumbers and carpenters have more real world intelligence than college professors and lawyers at this point. I don’t care about education level or IQ scores. Karl Marx’s disciples were effective in spreading his ideas around the US through universities. If you have a worthless piece of paper hung in your office somewhere it doesn’t mean shit to me.

I love when modern day democrats talk about the republic or the constitution. They obviously don’t believe in either when you look at their actions.

Yes I want the country to break up peacefully. I want nothing to do with another democrat as long as I live. You all hate America because you are trying to change it so badly. You are the people trying to change America, not me. I just want to leave it the same damn way I found it when I was born.

How should the country be divided up? It should be divided into 4 separate countries? The northeast should be a new country from Maine to Virginia including Pennsylvania since you guys stole PA.

The Great Lake states such as Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota are all democrat. They should be another country.

The west coast should all be one country. The counties that want to leave Oregon should be allowed to join Idaho.

Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada should hold a referendum vote on whether or not they want to join the remaining states of the former U.S. or go with Washington, Oregon and California to form a new country.

Not one single mail in ballot should be accepted. Voting is open from 5 AM to 9 PM and the results are tallied without a break until they finish counting. No mail in ballots, no ballot harvesting, no ballot drop boxes and no stopping the count for any reason. The national guard from all of this states should be brought in to monitor the count. Any attempt to fraudulently vote or manipulate the process should be punishable by death.

The New Jersey governor’s race almost went republican so it’s not that cut and dry either. If you were a former citizen of the U.S. you should be given one year to relocate to whichever new country you choose out of the four new countries.

I hate democrats and never want to speak to one again. I wish them no harm and I want no violence. I want to be left the fuck alone. You assholes can wear HAZMAT suits and double mask and quadruple boost whenever that evil little elf makes or decides to release a new virus created in a lab in China. Instead of pride month, you can make it pride year round. You can have trannies reading to your kids and inject your kids with all the hormones typically produced by the opposite sex all you want. You can establish all the CHAZ’s you want and teach your kids to obsess about race.

-Hillary didn’t state that about a small sub-sect of trump supporters. She said half of trump supporters are in a basket of deplorables or something similar but she specifically stated half.

-Like I said before, educational levels mean nothing to me. Some girl can have a masters in social work and some guy in Ohio could be work at one of the very few plants we have left that produce steel. Who contributes more to the greater good and strength of the country? What was the education level of the average man who stormed the beaches of Normandy or who fought the animal Japanese in South Pacific?

-Your side is a terminal cancer to this country. You guys are like having cancer in the foot that can’t be treated. If we have to lose a foot to preserve some semblance of what America was then chop the foot off and we’ll find a prosthetic.


No thank you, on the segregation thing. We’ll (America) be okay. EVERYONE has to be held accountable for their actions and if you want to prop up and give extra help to certain groups, I’m okay with it, as long as there is complete honesty and transparency. The problem is that this is not what’s happening right now.

Fuck that. No one gets shit except for what you earn. If you are failing go look in the mirror and you’ll see the reason why. No more handouts, no more affirmative action. You don’t like where you are in life? Go change it, it may take months, it might take years but it’s up to you. No more welfare. If you can’t afford to feed a kid, don’t have one.


I loved the guy. Can still “hear” him.

This stuff?


It needs to be optional.

It’s optional to have all black something. Only not optional for white something. Weird…



Fuck im tried of that shit, its like the trump card to shut down every conversation about race


About a lot of things that don’t even include race