Seinfeld's Maid Was 'Trafficked' and 'Raped All the Time'

Oh, I wouldn’t stoop so low as to ever set foot in the shitholes that people like Cheddar Man infest. Nor would I worry about my children ever associating with scum like that.

The universe will get him, sooner or later. He isn’t worth one of my bullets.

Dude he’s trolling the shit out of you. It’s not that serious.



Am am shocked that a 15 year old girl living on the streets could be abused.

It is unfortunate that her home life sucked. I would take it a family memeber if I could to prevent this. They would have to abide by my rules however and if they wanted to come and go as they pleased I’d tell them to gtfo

what’s the point of publicizing this? it’s not to go after the scumbags that ran the foster homes, or the scumbags that trafficked her, or the scumbags that raped her.

we have a girl that got dealt a horrible hand as a kid. things got worse, a lot worse.
she still ends up getting an acting gig on 2 of the biggest TV shows of all time.

what’s the message?

He’s made it clear multiple times on multiple threads that he’s a piece of garbage.

SHes also in 200 cigarettes which is a great underrated film about NYE in NYC in the 80s. ALso starring ben affleck, dave chappele, christina ricca, paul rudd, courtney love, casey affleck and others.

Always thought she was a babe.

They never will. It’s “racist” and “anti Semitic”. Besides, the CIA and elites would lose their stream of playthings.

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