Self Control with Hot Co-Workers (no pics)

our admin/secretary is mids 50s , blonde, Jersey milf with GIANT TATTERONIES (natural)…giant , like each boob is bigger than my head …she is conservative about them and actually covers them up bc she is conscious about how GIANT! they are…sometimes ill completely avoid looking at her bc the thought and image of giant milky boobs will just cloud my mind the rest of the day

other employee is a late 20s/early 30s Puerto Rican spinner about 5 feet even and 90 pounds (her words)…ridiculous little Apple ass with a thigh gap you can see a mile away…currently wearing a simple, but body contoured black dress right now

i am known as a creep who takes creep pics for the OG, but I draw the line with people i work with so no pics

my self control is Elite level. i would sit at a table with every female coworker ive ever worked with, in front of my wife and family and be 100% confident that all the female employees/coworkers would confirm that ive been nothing but professional and never creepy to them

do you guys work with females (or males) that make your balls feel tingly?


Lol, any chance both these women think of you, when they fap ?


i work from alone from home, so i have the whole internet to make my balls feel tingly.

my last boss was a legit 9 though. smoking hot and really smart. a rare find. she was 6 years younger than me too. grrrr.

I used to, and congratulations on not being a dog like me!

I’m in a hospital. A reallllly.big one. I have exceptional self control, surrounded by many babes daily. I am married w kids.

Maybe I’m old. I look around, and I notice when I see something very nice. I don’t draw attention to it though. That’s how you get fired.

A guy here, (60?) Supposedly slapped a 50yo rep in the ass with a clip board last week. Dude fired instantly. Lost a lot of his retirement. For what? So fucking mad at that dude. He was a friend. Disappointed. And if you take the whole victimhood part of it out, where is the gain? Dude, go get a $50 blowie, they won’t go to HR on you!



I am single and want to fuck about 3 dif women at my job, but need my job, and the reward doesn’t justify the risk.
I feel your struggle OP

No self control here at all and it costs me.

Had one job when I was 22 where most people were 18-19. I lasted 2 months before I had sex with one of the girls on a work trip and the big boss caught me slapping her ass in the office when we got back. I got fired on the spot, I didn’t tell him we had hooked up as we had a rule against it and didn’t want to get her in shit.

I had another job I worked at for a while where I had sex with receptionist over couple months, she was married, her husband came to my work and tried to fight me in parking lot and told my boss along with the owner what happened. I left like a month later, it was so embarrassing.

I have hooked up with other girls I worked with but those were the only 2 that blew up in my face… I’ve now been working in male dominated work places for last 8-9 years which is probably good thing for my marriage.

You have definitely made this thread before. It can’t be deja Vu lol