self def. for small guy

My partner at work wants to become a Game Warden. He is about 5'6 145lbs. and wants to learn Law Enforcement applicable self defence. Ive training him in thai boxing and judo basics with heel hooks and achilles(sp?) locks thrown in. Since these are all "sport" arts, am I showing him the wrong things? Also, Im 6'1 215lbs, so I realize that although this combo may be good for me, maybe not so good for him. Help!

There is no such thing as a specific style for a smaller frame. If the guy feels better doing Gung-fu than ju-jiutsu, then he`s better off in the first style.

Dacil, I would have to disagree with Cripplah; IMHO
some techniques are suited more for the large frame person that are not so available to those of us who are vertically challenged. You are wise to realize that what works for you may not be suitable for your friend at the lower altitude.

While Tony is a giant at research, innovations, and work, he manages to compress it into a 5' 8" body, and is well aware of the challenges we compact models have.

You also have to be aware that the needs of the LEO are not entirely congruent with the needs on the average citizen. The LEO needs far more in the way of control techniques. While both LEO and non-LEO must be aware of the legal repercussions of the force continuum, more control (less force) is generally expected from the LEO by society.


If he is 5'6" and 145 he is larger than most Thai fighters.


If you can, research the S.P.E.A.R. System and share
this infromation with your friend as well as others
looking for practical skills. It doesn't matter what
the size of individual or the adversary, if you embrace
the fundamental concepts of the S.P.E.A.R., it will
work when you need it most, In that real suddenly
violent confrontation. The best way to research this is
obviously up close and personal with Coach Blauer or a
Team member, but there are also some very good video's
available on Tony's site,

It is also essential to beef up the cerebral arsenal as
this will allow your friend to overcome certain mental
obstacles when dealing with intimidatiing individuals.
The three audios will assist in this arena.

As for looking for specific techniques to address your
concerns, i think that you may find quite difficult as
it is usually not the technique but the courage,
tenacity and will of the individual that will decide
the outcome. Some of my toughest fights were against
individuals smaller then myself, 6'1" at 220 lbs, who
were intent on not getting caught.

I hope that this has helped somewhat!


Thanks for the advice everyone! It is all very helpful. I'm not by any means a qualified instructor, just trying to help a friend.

You are teaching your friend correctly...I'm only 5ft 7inches and really depends on what your friend likes or dislikes...usually most people are either strikers or grapplers! For example I'm more attune to grappling an I use my striking...lead straight punch or lead round house kick then SHOOT! For a striker...they would learn to strike effectively and use anti grappling tactics( sprawling etc... )...see if you can coach your friend and see what he does effectively!


If you want to help your friend, please read and re-read the "How do I stop Eric Cobb?" thread. Pay special attention to what Eric writes and Tony's response. It's like a mini-clinic in how to practice for a real street encounter.

As Sean suggested, the S.P.E.A.R. system will be of tremendous value and the three audios mentioned are fantastic as well.

The B.Y.O.B. tape series is a tremendous value. Remember that techniques will not happen unless the mind is fully engaged. As Tony likes to say, "The mind navigates the body."

Best of luck to you and your friend.