Self Defense: 120 pound, MMA trained store clerk attacked by robber

A robber in Massachusetts found out the hard way that the person you attempt to rob may actually be a trained fighter.

In 2018, Ebrahim Gawargi was minding his own business one night, working a clerk job at a local grocery store. As he counted money from his register, a would-be robber attempted to roll up and take the funds for himself.

At 5’ 7" and just 120 pounds, the Egyptian looked like an easy mark. However, unbeknownst to the would-be robber, Gawargi trains daily at Connor’s Martial Arts Academy, under 3rd-degree black belt in jiu-jitsu and Harvard grad John Connors.

When the robber tried to get tough and deal out some physicality, the trained mixed martial artist started handing out free fist sandwiches. Eventually, as the action played out, the attempted thief thought removing his hoodie disguise would give him the leverage needed to actually score some solid shots of his own. That was yet another mistake.

Once from out behind the counter, Gawargi showcased his MMA skills and started to work his unscheduled opponent over. The two eventually tied up and the Massachusetts resident displayed his submission grappling game and maneuvered the robber into the automotive aisle for a tune-up. From there he would lock in a choke and put the crook to sleep.

MMA trained Store clerk beats up would be robber


Gawargi reportedly had to put the failed criminal to sleep a couple of times as he waited for authorities to arrive.

“When he attacked me I had to do something,” said Gawargi to Boston 25 News. “He grabbed my hand, I had over six hundred dollars in my hand.”

“I didn’t want to kill him, I needed to let him breathe, [but] when he kept moving I gave it more pressure to let him sleep again.”

Norwood Police Chief Bill Brooks explained that is not how normal people should respond to a robbery.

“If I had my way when people got robbed they would just turn over some cash and separate and then call police when it’s safe to do so,” said Brooks. “This was a little bit unusual because of the skills of the clerk.”

Gawargi too does not recommend fighting back, and said he would have handed over the money if asked. However, the suspect, identified by police as 46-year-old John Benedict of Dorchester, MA, struck without warning, and was put to sleep.

A similar incident recently occurred with UFC welterweight Jordan Williams when another failed criminal tried to steal his car from a parking lot while the Dana White’s Contender Series contract winner was a few yards away in a store. That too did not go well for the robber.

Lesson to all the folks out there thinking they can strong-arm their way to easy money: Be prepared for a clock cleaning when you attempt to rob someone who trains in a real martial art.