self defense art for judoka

San Jose was just named the safest big city in the US.
We all know the reason is that Dr. Bob and the rest of the San Jose State University Judo team is there.
So for self defense I think San Jose has it just about right.


poodollar - the point of adding boxing to Judo is not to REPLACE Judo. It's to add another "tool" to your "toolbox". And it would be beneficial for any Judoka interested in self-defense to experience strikes at the hands of someone who strikes for a living (just as it would be beneficial for any boxer interested in self-defense to experience getting taken down, pinned and strangled at the hands of a Judoka or a wrestler).

i understand what you are saying flash....but when in doubt choke them out. after you shoot, make them poop. if they swing and miss, strangle until they piss.

that is my theory on on all confrontations. j/k. i actually box and train bando(which is the burmese form of kickboxing). it is a beneficial, but i would much rather get the fight to the ground. anyone can get lucky with a punch while you are standing.

The way I see it, in a self-defense situation, your "kuzushi" is a straight right to the jaw.

Just as in a shiai, if your opponent is a pussy, the "kuzushi" alone may put him down. If not, it's your entry to the throw or take-down.

If the "kuzushi" alone wins the fight for you, that's just gravy.

Knee 'em in the balls before o uchi gari.Hmmm...My reaction to a knee to the balls would be to bring my legs together. with the legs together wouldn't it harder to do ouchi?

lol @ cm81 for admitting he did ninjitsu.

"(Boxing) it is a beneficial, but I would much rather get the fight to the ground."


"Wow I didn't know there were other guys interested in ww2 combatives here! "

Consider me another one.

also, I came to judo after many years of san shou. (think muay thai w/ shoots & throws)

combat sports are excellent for building attributes. but the addition of crippling, maiming techniques may be able to get you out of a harmful situation much faster if needed.

I meant no disrespect though.

Jim Harrison was the legendary tough guy for years and his bread and butter was karate and judo. It's probably just a matter of what works for you!

Bull, Signaljammer, Will,

Regarding WW2 combat systems...there is a great article on O'Neil in the most recent (or last) issue of "Journal of Asian Martial Arts". It is worth the read. He was the quiet guy who never got the the credit that guys like Fairbairn and Applegate got.

If you have not read "A Man Called Intrepid" you definitely should. It is a great history of covert US/British relations during WW2, development and training of the First Special Service guys, British Secret Service, and a whole lot more cool stuff. There is also a great book called "Commandos From the Sea" by Naval Institute Press which is an english translation of an old Russian book about the development of Naval Spetsnaz (not called that back then) in WW2.

Have any of you read "In Search of the Warrior Spirit"? It is a relatively new book about the development of the Special Forces Trojan Warrior Project and Marine Martial Art. 2003 saw it's third printing. It is by Dr. Strozzi-Heckler. Another very good read.



The complete SOE syllabus is available at Amazon.

The chapter on hand-to-hand combat would be of interest to WW2 combatives buffs.

As for the rest of it, you never know when you might need to wipe out a platoon of German soldiers lounging around a whorehouse, so it might be useful reading as well.

Steve, I enjoyed the article on O'Neil. I'll look out for the others mentioned.

I agree, I am going to start frequenting more whorehouses. Since I am German, I will be able to go "undercover" or "undercovers" as it were. Strictly for patriotic reasons mind you.

SJ has more cops than robbers almost. its crazy here, every saturday ngiht all you see are cops stopped in front of each and every block that has bars or nightclubs.. they funnel people onto the highways so that the CHP can give out DUI's.. lol.

yes. .SJ is a nice, safe, big city.. but you pay thourh the nocse to live here.