self defense for women (dvd or internet video)?

hey guys,

do you know any decent self defense videos (either on dvd or online)?

my girlfriend's ex is bothering her sometimes when they see each other in the bars, but instead of me teaching him a lesson, she wants me to teach her some basic self defense moves, like attacker grabs wrist or does a bearhug etc. i used to train a little bit of jkd, wing chun and aikido a few years ago, so i need to refresh my mind a little bit. unfortunately we don't trane shoulder grab defense etc in ufc class. :(

she plans to go to a krav maga for women class in 2012, but until then i wanted to show her some simple techniques in case that moron decides to be more intrusive.

any help is welcome, many thanks in advance!

if i'm in the wfa, please move the thread somewhere else. thanks.

Joe Moreira had one a while back.

Women Empowered!

thanks!!! the gracie stuff is exactly what i was looking for. rener is awesome.