Self-defense Wallet any1 use this?

Go to accessories and youll see it. I read about it on don eric's site. He seems to think hghly of it. Anyone here have any experiences with this item b4?

I don't have any experience with them but I think it's a great concept if you want to have something like a quasi-legal blackjack.

@ 1/3 up from the bottom of the page here. IIRC designed by Perrin, same guy behind La Griffe. (btw, Szabo makes a LOT of wrecked looking stuff). cheers

I have a few of the Stingers for awhile thanks to someone on this board, sorry i frgot who was elin' them and i have to say it hasnt left my keychain and does WORK...

I've always thought this wallet was kinda neat but a sap would be hard to explain legally...And if you're justified in using this, why not use pepper spray?

ronin - what do you mean by your statement? Im kind of cofussed.

p.s i was thinkin of buyin pepperspray. I was looking at this because it looks a little less conspicuous:

Only thing im affraid of is i heard small bottles liek this one and key chain sprays lose their power after a year and need to be replaced.

I just believe in a progression like this. Assuming you see a threat coming.

De-escalate a situation as much as possible first. (Will depend on your ego or logic winning in your head).

Empty hands second. (Assuming one unarmed asshole.)

Perrerspray second. (Pepper spray first if it looks like guy could be armed with a lesser lethal weapon or with friends.) Skip step all together is asshole is armed with a deadly weapon!

Deadly force last. A firearm is best if you have a carry permit. (Hard to come by in the People's Republik of Maryland where I'm at [don't get me started on that!...]). A knife that is legal and justafiable as a tool is a sutable alernative and back up. An obnoxiously "tactical" knife/dagger/auto or some other illegal quasi-illegal weapon is asking for trouble when it's all said and done. I think this wallet falls into this category.

Of coarse this progression could go real fast, stop anywhere, or steps even skipped depending on the seriousness of the situation. But hopefully stop at the first...

hmmm... i see what your sayin. If i had to use this weapon i could always say i had to carry all the quarters because i play alot of pool or arcade games :S I would think it would be much easier to explain havin a wallet full of quarters than a 4 inch blade.

Do you think the wallet would be a effective weapon though?

also, have you heard any good or bad thigns about the pepperspray pager? Does it lose its power after a year liek the ASP key chain ones.

I would guess the wallet would be effective with enough change in it. Blackjacks are effective. Too effective really. Citizens and most cops can't carry them anymore.

look at the crook hook.

why is that guy mounting that girl, applying a choke and about to punch her?


how much do blackjacks normally weigh? So if i get this i know how much change to put in

p.s whats the difference btw a switchbalde and a folder? I was on coldsteels website and both look like they open the same way. Are swtichblades illegal whereas folders are legal?

are 4 inch fixed neck knives illegal?

I know ppl have mentioned folders with 3-4' blades are legal what about neck knives and switchblades

Hmm.. could you run without it swishing around and making a ton of noise?

The blackjacks that I've seen are sold in 8 and 16 oz models.

I think I would rather be attacked than wear one of those...makes you look like a knight or a hobbit or something with your bag of gold coins. ;-)

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Future Prodigy--A switchblade is springloaded and has a button that you push and the blade automatically comes out...they are illegal for non-law enforcement officers in most states (I think they are legal in Oregon..maybe a couple others)

Folders are generally opened used your own pressure...many or most now have thumbstuds which allow you to flick the knife open with almost the speed of a switchblade...some folders even have a spring assisted thumb stud. However generally all of these (in places where knives are legal for carry) do not qualify as switchblades and thusly are not illegal.

As for whether Neck knives/fixed blades are legal also varies state to state. Generally if your state allows for the carry of a certain blade length concealed, whether it is fixed or folding makes little difference. I would check out and do a search for your state laws.

thanks ryan - do you finf 4' folders or 4' neck knives to be more effective for self defence. Takin into consideration of the law (how to explai it), spped at which it can be deployed, and concealed.

For me personally I think a folder is more effective....firstly, I use my folder for all sorts of stuff, I open boxes with it, use it to cut rope etc. I would get some wierd looks if everytime I wanted to use my knife I had to go up under my shirt. Neck Knives (unless you are on a boat or something) are generally less functional for everyday use in my opinion...and generally the less of a function something has other than being a weapon, the more hassle you could have for carrying it around.

I also would rather draw my knife (as a weapon) from my pocket (clipped, for easy access) than from around my neck. going under your shirt is going to have to be a big motion, and will be up at your attacker's sight line...whereas pulling your knife from your pocket can be done under the radar.

If I were going to carry a neck knife it would be as a last resort back up weapon (eg, if I were carrying a gun and/or pocket knife and wanted a hidden final option just in case those were rendered useless.)

This is just my opinion...there are a lot of guys on here that are WAY more knowledgeable on this stuff than I am.