Self diagnosed hilatal hernia

Had a fucked up 3 weeks. Constant burping, waking up at night thinking I’m having heart attack, feeling like battery acid poured on my organs after eating or even coffee, super bloated, voice raspy from acid in throat, etc

So figured it was GERD but the weird feeling and swollen part on my upper abdomen made me wonder if it was something else too. My dad instantly said hernia. Thankfully I’ve researched what to do for exercises and what to eat and not eat. Got to point I was so sure I was gonna go to hospital I wiped my phone of any texts or pics I wouldn’t want anyone seeing. One bonus is this will force me to eat right so abs coming by default

Anyone dealt with this? Apparently surgery only needed in 1% as long as you clean up your act

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I was diagnosed with this exact hernia about 3 years ago. I had pain in a specific spot on my stomach region and random heartburn.
I finally made and appointment with my doctor about it, was referred to a gastro specialist.
Ended up getting an endoscopy (they put you out and stick a camera down your throat-no homo). That’s what officially diagnosed it.
Apparently mine was not bad enough to require surgery.
Certain foods seems to aggravate it and to this day, if I press on that specific spot there is some pain.
If you haven’t already, I’d recommend going to your doctor.

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Thanks. I tend to eat huge carb meals when I binge and set it off. I did everything wrong for hilatal a few weeks ago that totally destroyed me. I biked, had big coffee, big piece of Detroit style pizza, then a burger, 2 beers, immediately biked for an hour, while wearing my Run belt which is tight around waist. An hour later I threw up and felt like I was punted in the gut organs and thought I was gonna die

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There does seem to be a correlation between greasy foods combined with heavy carbs and the sheer volume of food.
Like you mentioned, if I eat a ton of pizza (which is rare for me), there’s a good chance I’ll have an issue or a lot of coffee on an empty stomach.
Luckily, beer doesn’t aggravate it.

Yeah one of the morning was just coffee and nothing else. Brutal. Now I’m making or getting smallest size and darkest roast as it’s least acidic and caffeinated. Also no more after that one

What’s helped is using a second pillow to prop me up at night

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My wife had that several years ago. When they discovered it, she had surgery like three days later. She is ok now but she is still meaner than hell.

What causes it? And what can someone do to reduce their chance of getting it

It is like any other hernia, there is a weak spot in the tissue and eventually your intestines will push through it.


I’m telling you! Get checked for a gut bacterial infection called h. Pylori. I had all those symptoms for almost 16 months!! My stubborn ass finally went and got checked after I started throwing up violently. I was on 5 different meds for 2 weeks 2x a day. By day 3 I truly felt like a new man!

Yes I’ve thought that too. But my symptoms far more resemble GERD and the hernia. I can feel it receeding… like my peen

Same here man. I should have been more specific.
The first thing my gp tested me for was h.pylori.
They’ll do that test first to see if you’re positive for that, which they know now causes ulcers.
In my case it was negative, then they had to go with the Alabama black snake route to diagnose.

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Good luck!

Welp, I’m out of ideas lol

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All good, mine got sorted out.
Hopefully OP gets his sorted as well.

Have had this for a decade.
Paleo diet makes it a non issue. Meat and some vege.