Self Discipline and the Interval

I have heard fantastic things about Taku's intervals and interval training in general. Stories of huge improvements in conditioning for MMA and weight loss I'm sure are true. However, I tried out Taku's intervals for myself about 6 months ago. I started with Scrapper's modified version and then moved up to Taku's phase 1. I did them sprinting in a field and on a rowing machine. I tried to go all out, 100% for the entire time. I was dying after the third interval, but I couldn't seem to ever move on to the next phase. It was like I was doing the same thing over and over again with no improvement. From those who have benefited from interval training- What kind of mental discipline does it take to do this? Are you going 100% the whole time? How quickly did you improve? I hope that I have what it takes to do these because I would really like to benefit from them as well. Thanks for the input.

Taku's intervals are great. I didn't roll for 7 months do to moving and starting a new job. I started doing taku's intervals three times a week and hour long elliptical workout on the other days. I started rolling again and didn't even get winded. I was getting my ass kicked bad but I wasn't tired at all.

I think even if you are not going 100% on the intervals you will still see good results. 21 lbs in 9 weeks is pretty good results!!!

Taku's Intervals are brutal and sprinting definitely adds to the punishment. I'm heading off to work but I'll get on the computer at the gym and post on this thread when I can.


During the intervals you should be pushing hard, striving for about a level 7-10 on your R.P.E. scale.

So, you aren't necessarily killing yourself all the time. Sure, you could go all out but if you have to save something so you can finish, then do it.

If you need numbers do them on a treadmill.

You can set your speed for the rest and the interval.

Makes a more measureable training program but you won't be able to generate the speed you are probably used to on a treadmill.

I did my homemade 5 x 5 workout this weekend (5 rounds of 5 minutes each, switching bodyweight and skill exercises every minute, 1 minute break between rounds). It kicks my ass so that I'm a pathetic little puddle for the last half of it, but . . . I decided after I recovered for a couple of minutes to give Taku's intervals a try for the first time. NOT happening. I didn't even make it through the first 90 seconds. It's just freaking tough. I'm going to try it before the rest of the workout next time.