Self video as a training tool

My family has a group text that we use to send messages, photos and videos to each other, to keep in touch.  Not unlike most of you, I'm sure.  I was exercising in my shop and feeling good.  So good, in fact, I decided to use my phone to video a set of 3 exercises I was combining in one continuous movement.  I shot the video out to my family, confident I was looking good, strong and tight.  My kids responded saying things like, "Pops, that's awesome!"

I then watched the video I made - I was horrified to find that I looked old, sloppy and tired.

Point of my thread:  A reminder (at my expense) that there can be benefits to occasionally watching video of yourself to see how you really are, technique and performance wise.  Provides a good benchmark to work from and make improvements if needed.

Or bask in your greatness if warranted.

If you’re not use to seeing yourself on video/film you’re going to see yourself as awkward looking. This has more to do with you not being use to seeing yourself than you not performing the skill right or well. It’s the same with hearing your own voice. If you listen to a recording of you talking or singing it sounds weird. It doesn’t sound like you (at least not to yourself) but again that’s because you’re not use to hearing yourself talk outside of yourself (hopefully that made sense).

Bottomline don’t judge yourself to harshly. You can’t see yourself the way others do.