Sell My Property?

Fair enough.

I think interests will remain low for the foreseeable future. If interest rates climbed, even a few percent, I think a LOT of people would be underwater. We’re just gonna keep printing that money and push it down the line.

Thanks everyone. I’m going to list it at a ridiculous price. If someone is that desperate then so be it. I will absolutely regret selling it at some level. I will invest most of the money for my kids but be completely irresponsible with the rest. It’s going to be fun and to be honest, why not. I can’t take it with me and where I live now has a better view anyway.

There’s potential that lumber prices may come back to normal sometime soon, meaning you could have something built on it and sell it for even more money or move into it in the future.

There’s nothing better than waking up and waking to your boat lift hopping in and drinking coffee as the sun rises. Keep it and build.

Agree, it’s the best. I have two lifts and one boat on a 2,000 sf dock at my current house. I’d buy a new boat with the proceeds from the sale.

2,000 sq ft dock? Why? That’s stupid big for a dock with 2 boat lifts

Great question! With the detailed background information you provide, I’d suggest contacting a local contractor with the geological survey results and have them quote you how much it is to put the foundation there. Then you decide whether it’s worth it for you or not. GOOD LUCK! And !!! on having made such a nice profit already! YAY!