Selling a house in Austin -stage or not to stage?

I’m getting ready to sell my home in Austin. I’ve never sold a home before, so I don’t know if I should leave my furniture / bed sets in place for photos or if I should pack everything and do another deep clean. The housing market is insane here and the house will sell either way, I just don’t know proper etiquette.

move most of your stuff out. Use neutral color bed sheets/towels ect

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How’s the market there right now
A month ago I would have left a dead hooker in the bathroom where I live and it would have made no difference in price

It won’t matter in this market imo. At a minimum make sure it is cleaned and de-cluttered. The last home I sold was emptied out and cleaned, sold for 23 over with no home inspection.

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It will sell for over list sight unseen. Probably a cash deal.

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It’s the same or better.

Buddy of mine put 10k into remodeling so he could sell for more. Sold with no problem and they bulldozed the house to build a new one.

I think leave the furniture and clean it. A lot easier to “store” it in the house than move it elsewhere is one thing. Other is I sold a first condo recently and I’d grossly underestimated how important it is for buyers to move into someone else’s life. They want to upgrade their life by moving into someone else’s. With all the furniture gone, all they saw was “work” in changing the wallpaper they didn’t like and flooring that needed work. Like, why’d anyone want to personalize their home, right?