Selling art at my clinic

Looking for some ideas here....

I'm opening a acupuncture/holistic health clinic in a very trendy, rich, soho type town by the jersey shore.
The clinic is on ground level and has a large lobby with brick walls on the right and left sides.

I was thinking of having local artists display their work on the walls for sale as the people that come for acupuncture/chinese medicine are usually into art and have disposable income. It would also be an interesting way for me to decorate the clinic.

Think it's a good idea?

Has anyone here done this before? What kind of arrangement did you have as far as paying the host, etc.? I'm thinking of just taking a percentage of the sale price but don't know how much to charge.

Where can I go about finding good artists?


The normal gallery fee is usually fifty percent, sometimes as low as thirty five. However you have to work for your money, which means advertising, hosting receptions and so on. I would suggest charging twenty five percent, and telling them they are incharge of promotion and the reception if there is to be one.

As for where to find good art, I have some :)

I would be careful to pick work that is of a soothing nature, since that is what your place is about. I would definately do it however. And if you find an artist that sells well, and is easy to work with, have them introduce you to their friends.

the rev