Selling books

I have about 15-years' worth of books my wife is finally getting me to get out...and it makes sense, a lot of it I really don't have a use for, nor will re-read.

I tend to take on a project or hobby and (somewhat) obsessively collect books around it (like I thought I wanted to dabble in screenwriting, so I bought 15-20 over a couple of years).

Since many of the books may not have a huge appeal that a used bookstore might use, I think I wouldn't get jack if I tried to sell them that way.

Has anyone used Amazon to sell books effectively? Is it a PITA to sell that way? Maybe a better way is to try to bundle them as a package and sell via Ebay? Any thoughts would be welcomed.

 You have to go through a process to become an amazon seller. Ebay, you can just stick it up there

the screenplay one sounds interesting. What are some of your others?

Send me a list with isbns, and I'll make you an offer on them all. Or at least give you some knowledge about what you should get. I've been on amazon for years.