Selling Extra ISAMI GIs

I brought back a few too many GIs from my last visit to Japan. Therefore, I am selling two of them:

They are ISAMI JJ-200 model GIs. The size of these GIs is approximately equivalent to an A2.

I have one white one and one blue one. I washed them one time so that I could post actual "pre-shrunk" specs. They have NEVER been worn.

Sleeve to sleeve: 56''

Vertical center rear of lapel to center bottom of skirt: 32 1/4''

Pants inseam: 34 1/2''

This GI would fit someone that is about 5'5'' to about 5'8'' and from 140lbs to 160lbs.

Leave your email if you want more information. 

Selling price: $91.00

demandango - you have mail-


Have you sold the white GI yet.


Thank you