Selling fake BJJ rank certificates

This guy on ebay is selling fake BJJ black belt rank certificates. How pathetic that he would sell it, and even more pathetic that someone would buy it.

Here is the link. Drop him a line.

Hey, give the guy a break. He's providing an invaluable service. He says

*Please note: I am not selling rank certificates for individuals who have not earned the rank. These certificates are for students/ instructors who have lost or damaged certificates, or those instructors who need rank certificates for their students. Please be respectful to the art and only purchase the item for the right purpose.

Think of all the GJJ BBs out there who have lost their certs and otherwise would have nowhere to turn to.


Whatever would they do?!

Who cares about rank anyway!

That is sad and pathetic...but I just ordered mine right now, lol.

The belt does me one great purpose. It keeps my kimono top closed, nothing more!

This one's my favorite:

If you look at that last guy's other auctions, it's all idiotic get rich quick bullshit. There's even a fake high school diploma.

Kentridge High: When you absolutely, positively have to show everyone on the Internet why you're dumb enough to be a high school dropout, accept no substitutes.

The only thing that bothers me about this is if the buyer plans on opening a school and suckers some newbies into enrolling because they think he has a black belt.

Well, welcome to the world of unregulated martial arts. Kung Fu, karate, TKD have all been there before you - and I can assure you, it will only get worse.

and ov1, still got any plans to open a school in the Vinings area?

LOL! I actually emailed him to have a little fun, and he replied. He heald to his company line about providing a service and that some people lose touch with their "certifying organizations". I told him that there isn't a BJJ guy out there that would not know where to turn if he lost his rank cert. He also told me to get a life... I guess he got the last part right! :-)

Lol why even buy it. You can just do a right-click save and then if need be touch up with photoshop and print it out.

That symbol at the bottom is Royce's symbol in reverse. I just e-mailed that link to Mike Kogan. I think a lawsuit followed by a beatdown is in order.

Where's Viele when we need him? (joke)

TeamFokai1,I was thinking the samething while im sitting here in my Krugan.

Randy Bloom? Jesus, I forget the kind of celebrity we get on here sometimes.