Selling My Banjo On Ebay

I rarely play it and need the money to get my Gibson Fixed/upgraded (finally). Hate to see it go, but oh well..

"Weighs around 10lbs"

Is this a typo? Holy crap, it must have sustain for days.

If I had the cash I would snag that from you, it sounded great from your recordings. If you don't end up selling it let me know.

I guess its 10 lbs, not 101 lbs lol.

No its not a typo, its a heavy sob. Looks like it is probably going to sell. Its funky but has a high "Cool" factor.

Hillbilly, is it true that the definition of "perfect pitch" is the ability to throw a banjo into a dumpster without hitting the sides?j/k

I'm sorry, you may substitute "trombone" for "banjo" if you find this offensive. ;)

That is one unusual banjo. Made from a pressure cooker lid? That's great. Was the selling price enough for you?

While we are talking about banjos

I came across one in my crawl space, i don't know who's it is or how it got here, but its a Marlin 4 string i believe, looks pretty old.... is it a piece of shit?? or is it worth my time and money to clean it up and get some strings on it??

Thats about what I thought it would sell for even though I would have liked to have a little more for it..but oh well. Yep made out of a pot lid. Probably make the best weapon out of any instrument I`ve ever owned.

Funny joke as I was a trombone player all through

Gibson can`t say I`ve heard of a Marlin..Is it ornate?

I am pretty sure it said Marlin, i will try and post a picture of it, its more then likely a pile of crap, since i don't know of anyone in my family ever playing an instrument other then the piano

I think Marlin is a cheaper foreign made entry-level banjo. Probably not worth much but might be fun to play.