Selling with TrueCar: TME

I have a company car so I'm getting rid of my personal vehicle.  

It's a 2008 Honda Accord Ex-Navi V6 with 136k miles.  It's a very, very FUN car with great features, but it needs a few small things.  Nothing really big except for 4 new tires (the rest is all small cosmetic stuff).  Mechanically it's fantastic.

I want top dollar for the sale.  Do I invest $500 in new tires, pay for detailing, and sell privately?  Or do I use something like TrueCar to offer it to dealers who will be able to make those fixes more cheaply than I can, and come out with a high price and no investment on my part?

I've read all kinds of stories about buying with TrueCar (or similar), but very few about selling with it.  Worth it??