Semi- Retirement Sale

I will be selling alot of stuff on ebay but wanted to give youall on the forum a chance to buy some of it before I posted me at for details of what is for sale...

damiona (at)


Why are you selling your mess Duck?

guys i recommend not to type out your email addresses like that, better type them like john'at' because spam mail programs are known to scan forums and websites for addresses :)

I get relatively no spam, so I don't think it's a problem. You know how you get spam? E-mail forwarding from friends and mailing lists.

Did anyone get the info? I think I might have deleted it by accident if you guys have.

Could you resend? I've got cash burning a hole in my pocket!

I haven't seen it but may be in the same boat with you.

He asked you to send him an email. Posting your email here is pointless.

Thanks for the heads up - I didn't even read that part.I am one of the sheeple.

Hey guys I still have some stuff left if you all are interested..books.. patches etc.. contact me at the same email address

Thanks Andrew. That's what happens when you go against 'the format'. ha