Seminar 1/29/05 ALBANY, NY

SBGI Coach Steve Whittier Workshop

Saturday January 29th 12-3pm

pre registration $50

$65 at the door if space is available

Call Alan at 518-456-2582


Whether you do martial arts for self-defense, competition, or just to have fun, there’s only one way get the most out your workouts: train with Aliveness!

In this workshop, Straight Blast Gym International coach Stephen Whittier will take you step-by-step through training methods that will help you take your game to the next level.

Stephen’s Resume:

· SBG International Instructor-Coach

· Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt under Roberto Maia

· Jeet Kune Do Instructor under Richard Bustillo

· Founder & Head Coach of Nexus Martial Arts (

“For those who are not familiar with our requirements within the SBGI, it's rather simple. You have to be very, very good. You have to meet a certain performance level. You have to be able to Coach others to be able to meet that level, in a safe, fun, and healthy environment. And you have to have a clear and lucid understanding of what Aliveness is all about.

Stephen meets all those requirements… check it out. You will not be disappointed.”

-Matt Thornton

President, Straight Blast Gym International

"I have known Steve Whittier over 4 and half years and I can honestly say that he is one of most intelligent and well-rounded martial artists that I have met anywhere. He has a very practical and effective way of approaching the learning and teaching of martial arts. He has helped me prepare for countless grappling competitions and was invaluable in helping me win all of my MMA fights. His ability to analyze techniques and integrate a practical methodology from a myriad of martial arts makes him a unique and special teacher."

-Kenny Florian

BJJ Black Belt, Professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter

Alan Condon

Go to this. . .if I was there I would!

This is a must-go-to seminar!

Jeff Duarte - SBGi Canada / Alliance BJJ Canada

Steve is an excellent coach. I am sure this will be a great workshop.

Steve is the man don't miss this one

Damn! If Matt were there I could demonstrate how not
to escape rolling pin knee ride. For 20 minutes.

Steve is a Brown belt you know.LOL (inside joke)


That would be great to have Matt and Steve using the inquiry method.

Yes Steve it would be cool to see Matts rolling knee pin in action, smashing you of course.


lol Adam