seminar at your own school?

i have heard about this a couple of times where a teacher is doing a seminar at his own school and charges his students. what is the deal with this?

Mc Dojo's! IMO

why would a student even pay.

there are secret things in the seminar that aren't taught in the regular classes... you know, like the stuff we went over at Legends.. death touch stuff... rich people techniques.
The poor folks who can only afford classes don't deserve to know how to kill a man with a single touch.

^damn straight

fuk thas why Im always getting worked over by these rich bishes!!

TTT for Big Mac D

Dr Danzig in da house!

sits on couch

So THAT's where people learn the triple decker pecker wrecker and the deadly rear naked clam jam.

I thought I was missing something, now I see its private seminar thing.

But on a more serious note, this is not uncommon in the more "business" oriented martial arts schools. I listened to a webinar about "maximizing your profits from each student" and that was one of the guys ways to get MORE money out of a student who is already contracted. The Business dudes LOVE "programs" (BB, Master, instructor, etc.) and "events"(retreats, Camps, and of course seminars).

Personally, I want to go to a Garv seminar so I learn the chocolate finger.

mac, i thought we would not talk of such things on the interwebs. it will ruin the attendance at my next in house seminar

yeah my instructor does this. somestimes its cool.