SEMINAR: Ginastica Natural

American Top Team is pleased to host Prof. Alvaro Romano teaching Ginastica Natural

Where: American Top Team Main Academy
4631 Johnson Road - Coconut Creek, FL. 33073
(954) 425-0705

When: Sat. October 7th, 2006 11am-1pm

Cost: $50 ATT Students - $70 Non Students

The seminar is open to everyone!

What  is Ginastica  Natural ?

The Ginastica Natural combines the techniques of  stretching, flexibility and respiration of hatha-yoga, the ground movements of jiu-jitsu, and the natural movements of the human body. Idealized by Professor Alvaro Romano, it is a revolutionary method of physical conditioning that has an objective of developing physical qualities associated with motor and mental skills. Romano elaborated a methodology for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students. Originally Ginastica Natural was intended to be practiced outdoors, however today it is a complete method. Alvaro Romano developed an adequate system that allows Ginastica Natural to be practiced in gyms. There is also a licensing for instructors to administer the classes.


Idealizing and introducing the method of Ginastica Natural . Professor Alvaro Romano  is a  post-graduate in the areas of  Physical Education and Recreation ,Black belt in BJJ and hastrained with Rolls Gracie , Carlos acie JR and Rickson Gracie ,  author of the book and  videos Ginastica Natural , and has always been involved in fitness activities since a young age. Born in Rio de Janeiro,  he was involved in  sports that needed great physical conditions   like Surf, Jiu-Jitsu, Triathlon  and Judo. In his search to improve his performance as an athlete and as a professional  in the  field of physical education , he develop alternative and unconventional ways to incorporate  power  and flexibility in to his phisical exercises.  It was in 1982 that Romano started to research  eastern techniques  . He also studied  the moviments of the primitive man and of animals, of  which became  the origin to the Ginastica Natural , revolutionary method of physical conditioning .

Hope to see everyone there!

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