Seminar in LA with 6 Black Belts for a Good Cause


March 3rd BJJ Benefit Seminar




My friend, Mike Reddish, is the proud father of two sons and daughters, the co-owner of the legendary MMA gym, Miletich Fighting Systems, and one of the most caring advocates for the sport that I've known. Mike was diagnosed with aggressive pancreatic cancer in December of 2012.

Six black belts have signed up to teach at a seminar to benefit Mike Reddish and his family at Robot Fight & Fitness in Los Angeles. This would be a great seminar to prepare for the Pan-Ams later in March. It will also a great way to contribute to a great supporter and instructor of our beloved sport. Instructors include:

  • Felicia Oh - Felicia is a Pan-Am champion and World and ADCC Finalist. Felicia also currently teaches The Art of Competition seminar series.

  • Brian Peterson - Brian has been training for over two decades. He currently instructs at Big John McCarthy’s Ultimate Training Center. Brian accomplished a ton in both wrestling and grappling, including winning the FILA Gi Grappling World Championships.

  • Scott “100%” Dewitt - Scott’s accomplishments are as long as my arm. He is a multiple time Pan-Am and World champion or finalist.

  • Johnny Ramirez - El Capitan of New Breed LA, Johnny has won the Abu Dhabi Trials, placed at the No-Gi Worlds, and also done a lot for the sport though refereeing and helping behind the scenes.

  • Timothy Peterson - Tim owns the BJJ academy Robot Fight & Fitness in Santa Monica, CA. Tim has won bronze as both a purple and brown belt at Pan-Ams as well as many other titles.

  • Jimmy “Frodo” Cerra - I formerly taught at Miletich Fighting Systems in Iowa and currently help out at M3 Fight in LA. I got a silver at the 2010 ADCC North American Trials and a bronze at both the 2012 Pan-Ams and Master Worlds as a brown belt.

We are asking for a minimum $40.00 donation. Though anything more would be greatly appreciated. Checks can be made out to Mike's wife, Missy Reddish. If you can’t make the seminar, you can donate at this web page that the family set up:

The seminar will take place on Sunday, March 3 2012 at 12:00 PM. It will last to around 3:30 PM. The address for Robot Fight & Fitness is 2028 Stoner Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90025.

Be sure to bring a notebook, because there should be some great stuff shown! Please join us in supporting Mike Reddish and his family in their time of need!


Jimmy Cerra



Great idea and it looks like an awesome lineup. Phone Post



hope the west coast is treating you well jimmy.

This is awesome.

For the future, please give a couple weeks advance notice, would've loved to go, but its in just a few days. Phone Post

Sorry for the late notice. I'm not too good promoting things. If you want to donate and can't attend, please use the link above. You don't need to donate $40, any little bit helps. Phone Post

Bump for a great cause and lineup! Thanks for doing this jimmy! Phone Post

props on speaking your mind on it. 



I love the address, 10thpjj should move there. Phone Post



Looks like a great seminar for an even better contributor to sports. Phone Post

TTT. I'll try to make it for sure. I didn't realize you were in LA Jimmy.

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TTt for Jimmy and a great cause. Phone Post

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