Seminar Review:ChattanoogaJiujitsu

Last weekend I attended a Ryron Gracie seminar hosted by Mickey Swafford at Chattanooga Jiu-jitsu in TN. Ryron gave an excellent seminar and covered what he felt were the most important positions in jiu-jitsu from a self-defense perspective. Most importantly he talked about his time in Brazil with his grandfather and how he learned to train properly through cooperative rolling.

Mickey Swafford (the seminar host) treated everyone with respect and kindness and there was a great positive vibe in the school. One of his fighters (sorry forgot name) just came off a submission victory the night before in a MMA show in Atlanta but still attended the seminar the next day.

All in all it was a great experience - definitely check out a Ryron seminar if you get the chance and Chattanooga Jiu-jitsu next time you're in Tennessee!

Mickey is good people.  I met him a long time ago at Tiger in Atlanta for a seminar.  My instructor has known him for a while and has been to his school for a seminar and always has something good to say about him.  Ryron usually puts on a good seminar.  Hopefully it was a full house.


The fighter mentioned is Jeremy Germainus (sp?).  He fought his 1st MMA fight 3 weeks before that and won by armbar in 40 seconds of the 1st round.  In the most recent fight, he won via armbar with 9 seconds remaining in the 1st. Tough guy, watch for him in the future.

The seminar was very good.  It was nice to meet you Buddah.  ;)