*SEMINAR* With Alliance Black Belt

When: Sunday Feb. 6th 2005
Where: Lotus Club Jiu-Jitsu: Auburn, WA.
Prices: Pre-Register $50.00 or Pay at door $65.00

Seminar with Alliance Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Allen Mohler. Allen is the first American promoted to Black Belt by Romero "Jacare´" Cavalcanti (6th Degree Black Belt/Founder and Coach of Team Alliance).

I've known Allen for close to 9yrs now, and I can tell you that you won't be disappointed with this seminar. His attention to detail is amazing and on top of everything else he's a genuinely nice guy. Please help support my school and Jiu-Jitsu in the Pacific Northwest by attending!

I will be adding more detailed info on our website: www.lotusclubjiujitsu.com/washingtonaub.htm so check there often.

Also, please feel free to email me: coach@lotusclubjiujitsu.com if you have any questions.

What's the time frame and what is/are the topic(s)? I'm at Ft. Lewis, so you're like 30 min. drive away depending on traffic. Also, what's the street address (with zip code) so I can get an Expedia Map. I know where the hospital is in Auburn since my wife is an agency RN and Auburn's hospital is one of her job sites.



The timeframe so far is looking like this: Registration/sign-in time from 11-12, seminar starts at 12pm. I'm guessing it will last at least 3 hours, could go longer, not sure yet. As far as what is covered, I'm guessing it will be mostly Gi techniques, but I would bring a t-shirt/shorts in case No-Gi is covered as well. I will have all the details up on the website as soon as they're confirmed. Right now the date and time are confirmed. Thanks for your interest!