Seminars – Next 30 days

I am teaching 4 seminars in the next 30 days, and hope to meet some of the forum members there:
Sat, July 25 Pittsburgh,PA
Monday, Aug 10 Sudbury, ON
Tuesday, Aug 11 Ottawa, ON
Saturday, Aug 22 Charlotte, NC

My seminars typically focus on the concept of Triggers to follow ups to finishing opponent or achieving superior position. E.g.:
- Guillotine attacks and follow ups
- Ude Gatame and follow ups
- Omo plata attacks and follow ups
- Bottom of cross side counters etc.

Here are some “high power” testimonials (Renzo Gracie, GSP, Chris Weidman, David Branch):

Karel (Silver Fox) Pravec

Karel- you are the man!

Thanks kying418!  Hope we can catch up one of these days.