Semmy, Semmy, Semmy !!!

Semmy is trully impressive.

I've never seen fighters creating that much damage.
He basicly KOed Gan McGee while being mounted.

And to finish it by an armbar, well, that was very cool.

I think he is a wild card in the tournament.
They'll probubly match him up with Randelman, just for the comedy of it.

No one cares about Semmy or your feelings about him. Away to the UG with you.

Are you disrecpecting Semmy?

It would be fun to see Randleman having to jump up to punch him in the face.

"Are you disrecpecting Semmy?"

No. I'm disrespecting you. Buh bye.

LOL!!!!! IBI, have you seen Semmy Schilt vs Michael McDonald?? :)

LOL!!!!! IBI, have you seen Semmy Schilt vs Michael McDonald?? :)Yeah. Awesome pic. :-)

Randleman can certainly jump high enough to KTFO semmy.

McDonald has mastered the art of levitating.

That's an amazing pic. I wish I would have seen that fight. Did he knock Semmy out?

Nope, Semmy won a unanimous decision!

Semmy may just win it all, though he has a hard time on his back, he can KO any of these guys...underrated for sure! golden glory gots all types of killers

damn I thought that piture was a fake. that is crazy

Semmy's standup used to be pretty weak, but it looks like he has improved a lot.

Semmy is awesome. He beat the snot out of Remy Bonjasky in K1 and gave Hoost a tough fight.

I hope semmy doesnt win it

can you imagine semmy being the Gp champ having been beat by fedor, nog and barnett already