Semtex: Striker vs. BJJ black belt is interesting

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                                Semtex: It's interesting KOing BJJ black belts

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                    <p>&nbsp;KO specialist Paul 'Semtex' Daley talks to Fighters Only about:</p>

•Visa Troubles
"There's a situation going on in the UK legal system at the moment in relation to my visa - it's got nothing to do with a bar fight or anything of that sort. It's a mix up with my visa, basically."

•Knocking Out Grapplers
"I've been in a few striker vs grappler situations in recent fights… It's good for me just to show I've been in there with these specialists, and still knock them out. It's interesting, isn't it, a jiujitsu black belt vs a striker."

"These paychecks run out kinda quick (for local fighters), especially when you're taxes, paying your coaches, paying your manager, the recession is still alive and well."

"I'm loving the Bellator format - no one is given a champion shot, you earn it. Everybody goes in the tournament regardless of your history. A guy who's 4-1 against King Mo."

•On Other UK Fighters
"The light needs to be shone a little bit on the reality of things. Number one, I am definitely the most entertaining fighter. Number two, I finish fights, all the time… I'm not on the UFC anymore, but… I'm in high demand. These guys that are now in the UFC, doing what they are doing, they forget that. These guys were in the audience asking me for autographs. They forget that."


Did he get a dishonorable discharge from the military?


When is Paul fighting again, and who against?

Is he still cool with Hardy & Co?

Love me some "Semtex"!

Not sure if he's cool with hardy n all I did an interview with him for mysite and he dodged it. Ill paste the question and his answer below Phone Post 3.0

Myself: I'm a huge rough house fan, do you keep regular contact with Dan Hardy and the other guys and have you ever thought about going to vegas to train with the likes of Hardy and Pearson again?

Daley: I actually am no longer training with the Rough House team, and have not been for a while now, I now train at my Spirit Dojo, and represent the team there, as I have for the Rudy Bears fight and Patrick Vallee fight, this is my team now Spirit Dojo. Phone Post 3.0

It was nice seeing him KOing Koscheck... Wait, hold on... Phone Post 3.0

"Striker vs. BJJ black belt is interesting"

It WAS interesting back in 1993-97, now it's just fustrating that one or both haven't rounded out their game.

^ I largely agree, but a part of me still has some nostalgia for the "style" vs. style thing, and whomever kept the fight in their area of strength could have a strong chance of finishing, given the weaknessess of his opponent. (emphasis on could though lol)

tjmitch - Did he get a dishonorable discharge from the military?
Elaborate ? Phone Post 3.0