Senators = OWNED x 4


4 times they face God's team (Leafs), 4 times they get OWNED!!!

Poor buggers..

LOL !!

Yeah RIGHT.. :)

FP... looks like you won your bet, congrats man. Leafs Fleyrs next... any one up for a bet????

So let's tally up:

I get a case (24) of pop.

I get to pick a restaurant for lunch (expenses paid).

$100.00 cash.

I get Leaf jersey.

Bragging rights until next season starts.


YEAH !!!!

Way to go FP !!!


And the shitty thing for Sens fans is that they will have to deal with the Leaf fans/Torontonians who live in Ottawa for the rest of the playoffs.

Can't wait to email my ol' Nortel buddies tomorrow.

double post

everyone is a Torontonian in Ottawa.

Domi: "People in Ottawa are a bunch of wannabe Torontonians."

I told you guys it would be Rickson by armbar

Thank god I don't have to hear it from my Hab's fan friends if the Leafs had lost.

I don't get it..what are you happy about?

That the leafs got outplayed, outhit, and outshot by the senators but got four of the ugliest, garbage goals ever seen in the NHL?

Or are you happy that they're going to get murdered by a team that Ottawa would beat?

snuggle up, bitches!

"I don't get it..what are you happy about?"

I tallied up what I won from the bet. I SHOWED you the betting document too.

But most of all, it's going to be an excellent morning as I walk out and absorb the frustration and humiliation of Senaturd fans everywhere in Ottawa.

I am spiteful.

PS - Leafs can't win Cup this year. Anyone want to bet me on this?

As a Flyer fan I am happy we get to play the Leafs instead of the Sens. like hmeboy said, the Leafs got out played bigtime. The Flyers are going to Crush the Leafs ( and all of Ottawa will be cheering that on)

LOL @ hmeboy's bitterness !!! haha!

I am happy that even though Ottawa was the better team, THEY STILL GOT BEAT. Which makes this victory even sweeter :)

Crazyhook, The flyers just might suffer the same fate...

"I am happy we get to play the Leafs instead of the Sens"

Thanks for the kiss of death you just gave your team!!! :)

Ed Belfour" I have a weak back"
Reporter " when did you get that?"
Ed Belfour " oh, about a week back"

I am correct!

Flyers will smoke the Leafs...

The only reason for Leaf's existence is to OWN the senaturds. Nothing else.

Flyers will own

lol@their fans are gay

Ottawa, has a great team, but they need to get more CANADIAN the European players, as great as they are, the stanley cup is no big deal. There's no esteem or tradition. That's just my closeminded opinion.

peace, fools!