Send Koscheck to the WEC!

I never want to see him fight again. He is more coward than warrior. I've never seen him willingly trade with anyone. His running from Diego was just ridiculous and then mocking the crowd booing his pathetic perfomance in the post fight interview sealed the deal. CANCEL HIS CONTRACT!!!

Give Koscheck a title shot, he is a very tough fight for anyone in the UFC.

"Give Koscheck a title shot, he is a very tough fight for anyone in the UFC."

Do you really want to see him run and jab, or lay'n'pray for 25 minutes?

Eyelasher' got it right. That is the best scenario.

It takes two to tangle. Diego wasn't trying much besides blocking Kos' punches with his face.

Diego didn't try to do shit other than a reversal at the end of the first. Might as well send him too I guess.

The more people hate Kos the more we will see of him. Having the bad guy everybody hates is great for hyping up any match.

I was going to make a post similiar to this but not directed at Kos.

I think the UFC should do what MLB does when a player has a bad showing.....send them to the minors(WEC).

"Give Koscheck a title shot, he is a very tough fight for anyone in the UFC."

And send GSP4Prez to fightsport, sherdog or just somewhere away from here.

Because you already represent them Catchy!

Just kidding

"he's only really finished goulet"

...and the other guys he's finished.

"He has proven that against top level competition--Joslin and Diego--the only way he can win is through stalling."

lol at Kos stalling against Diego. It was clearly Diego that had no answer for Kos' standup and it was Diego that barely had any output or engagement (and i was going for Diego).


He straight up STALKED Diego for the first two rounds, it was Diego who ran. He did backpeddle in the third, but he was looking to counter Diego's wild sloppy ass garbage and he had the fight won.

I'll enjoy watching you guys cry as he keeps on winning.

Um, you mean send both of them to the minors, if you're complaining about it being a boring match. Sanchez did nothing to cut off the octogon, the way even beginning amateur boxers do. In fact, he let Koscheck spend the whole fight in the center of the ring, suggesting he didn't want to mix it up any more than Koschek did.

But actually both are good fighters, just the style matchup didn't work.

you people are ridiculous. Koscheck whipped Diego's ass. HE fought a very smart and disciplined fight. He showed vast improvement in his boxing. He made Diego look like a B class fighter.

If Diego wants to tap Josh than maybe he needs to work on his takedowns. Or maybe he needs to work on his hands more. This in MMA. The goal is to put your opponent where you have the edge. Koscheck kept Diego where he is weakest. That is why he won.

Skills aside, Kos taunted the fans who were all booing the crap out of him. It's the fans that make MMA a sport you can make a living at. He should be apologizing for pissing off the entire crowd, not taunting them.

Diego was scared of Kos and Kos came in with a definitive game plan to counter. WWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!