Senegalese Wrestling (vid)

Cool short video.

Very cool vid.

You can just imagine those guys being badass Zulu Warriors a few hundred years ago (probalby some other area in Africa, but wtf).

There is something to be said about people growing up in Africa, Brazil, ghettos, etc where life day to day can really be about life and death. Not something you really see too much in the suburbs and cities where many of us luckily live.

I was reading there's a version of the sport with strikes as well

Some strong lookin' dudes there. I'll bet training on sand would give them great push-off on a real mat.

African TUF? I'm down for it.

Those guys look strong and athletic. Theres a huge athletic talent pool in Africa.

 Killer video! Get that guy in the UFC!

"...there are no secrets in wrestling just practice/training." sort of a paraphrase of something he said that wasn't translated in the video. PREACH


Dhani in Senegal